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Rental Info

Step One

To get started, browse our inventory online, or make an appointment to stop by and check it out in person. We love working hand in hand with our clients to make sure they are getting everything they need for their event!

Step Two

Once you’ve decided on the pieces you’d like to rent, we can assist in getting a quote put together for you. In most cases, we’ll need to work with you and your caterer to determine the quantities you’ll need.

Step Three

After receiving your quote, please kindly review it and get back to us within 10 business days with any initial comments, questions, or revisions. We’re happy to make up to 3 revisions to your quote before you have booked with us. Please note: A quote does not mean you are booked, so we’ll need to take further steps if you’re ready to reserve your rentals!

Step Four

When you’re ready to book our rentals, there are a few things that we’ll require to make it official. We’ll send you our Rental Contract, which we’ll need returned to us completely filled out, along with a retainer (which is described in further detail in the contract). Once we’ve received both of those items, you’ll notice your ‘quote’ will become an ‘order confirmation”. This ensures that everything listed on it is officially reserved for you!

Step Five

We can make changes to your proposal after you’ve booked, so don’t wait until the last minute. We typically book our rentals out 4-6 months in advance!

Download the Rental Contract